UnrealIRCd 5.0.6 is a small maintenance release for the stable 5.x series. For existing 5.x users there is probably little reason to upgrade.


  • Spanish help conf was added (conf/help/help.es.conf)


  • History playback on join was not obeying the limits from set::history::channel::playback-on-join. Note that if you want to see more lines, there is the HISTORY command. For more information on the different ways to retrieve history, see Channel History
  • Spamfilter with the 'tempshun' action was letting the message through.
  • In very specific circumstances a REHASH -tls would cause outgoing linking to fail with the error "called a function you should not call".
  • Crash if empty set::cloak-method
  • Issues with labeled-response on websockets (partial fix)

Module coders / Developers:

  • In RPL_ISUPPORT we now announce BOT=B to indicate the user mode and WHO status flag for bots.
  • HOOKTYPE_ACCOUNT_LOGIN is called for remote users too now (also on server syncs)
  • Send RPL_LOGGEDOUT when logging out of services account
  • Fix double batch in message tags when using both labeled-response and the HISTORY command

Thursday, July 16, 2020

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