Anope 2.0.11

Anope 2.0.11 has been released, which contains mostly bug fixes but also a few new features. The notable changes includes: Fixed ldap on OpenLDAP 2.5+ Fixed not using utf-8 encoding for outgoing email Fixed ns_resetpass not returning a response for XMLRPC Fixed some message params being sent as instead of Fixed unsetting vhosts on ... Read More »

5th May 2022
UnrealIRCd 6.0.3 release notes

UnrealIRCd 6.0.3 A number of serious issues were discovered in UnrealIRCd 6. Among these is an issue which will likely crash the IRCd sooner or later if you /REHASH with any active clients connected. We suggest everyone who is running UnrealIRCd 6 to upgrade to 6.0.3. If you are already running UnrealIRCd 6 then read below. Fixes: Crash in ... Read More »

3rd Apr 2022
Fix for crash issue in UnrealIRCd 5 and UnrealIRCd 6

UnrealIRCd 5 and UnrealIRCd 6 can be crashed by a regular user when a certain command is sent. This results in all users being disconnected from the server. There is no other risk than crashing (no buffer overflow or anything, no risk of remote code execution).If you have any deny dcc { } blocks in the config file or spamfilters on the 'd' (dcc) ... Read More »

30th Jan 2022
UnrealIRCd 6.0.0

UnrealIRCd If you are already running UnrealIRCd 6 then read below on the changes between 6.0.0 and 6.0.1(.1). Otherwise, jump straight to the summary about UnrealIRCd 6 to learn more about UnrealIRCd 6. Fixes: In extended bans were not properly synced between U5 and U6. This caused missing extended bans on the U5 side (MODE ... Read More »

16th Dec 2021
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